Disability and a Lack of Empathy

Neither of us realized, when our lives changed, how very other we would feel. That we would always be set apart, in the most obvious of ways. We also didn’t realize how little anyone else would care. How little regard strangers have for that person who does need the handicap spot they just illegally parked…

Moments to Reminisce

Welcome¬†to a new segment I am starting called Moments to Reminisce. Each week I want to share two to three past photos of Caleb and I along with a short story of why they are meaningful to me.¬† This week’s Moments: This was one of mine and Caleb’s first pictures together. It was probably taken…


Like I said, Texan sunsets are spectacular. It’s always a treat for me when I get to drive and watch the progression of a beautiful sunset until darkness sets in. My favorite moments.


Today my amazing boyfriend completely surprised me with a beautiful pair of Kendra Scott earrings! Definitely the most positive moment of my day. In addition to that, his stepmom took me out to dinner at Olive Garden (LOVE that place). All around a great day. Here I am in my new favorite earrings!


Today’s moment was God-given. I got to wake up to the most beautiful sunrise. Texas sunrises and sunsets can be some of the most spectacular. I love capturing these moments.


Today was Wednesday, the night that I teach Mission Friends (three, four, and five year olds) at my local First Baptist Church. We talked about Daniel in the lion’s den. The kids absolutely loved the story and the little plastic lions I brought. It was a good lesson and I managed to keep the kids…


My positive moment for the day is another beautiful creation of nature. When I finally got home around 11:00 pm that day, the grass looked as if it was anointed with glitter. Every tip of every blade was adorned with a frozen drop of dew. Absolutely breathtakingly beautiful.

On Resolutions

I recently saw a quote that said: If you are angry, you’re living in the past If you are worried, you’re living in the future But if you are content, you are living in the present. This is when life makes sense. This resonates with me, because I am always worried and always angry and…