God is Good

Written by Kat

The first indication I had that God was right there beside us and watching over Caleb was the fact that he was only paralyzed from the waist down, not the neck down. Caleb had a fracture in his neck. He came extremely close to being fully paralyzed. The neck fracture was at C7. A serious fracture at that level could have left him unable to breathe on his own. Caleb was still injured very severely, but it could have been immensely worse.

The next time that I absolutely knew God was speaking to me was at Target in Dallas. It was Saturday, two days away from his birthday, and my parents had taken me to get him a present. I picked out a pair of nice headphones and we got in line to check out. Upon looking behind me, I noticed an adorable little dog. I asked the owner if I could pet him, and what his name was.

"Norman," he said. "When I first got him, he had wheels for back legs. His spinal cord was severed as a result of a beating and he couldn't walk."

Norman didn't have wheels for back legs anymore. He was a normal dog, walking, running, playing. Right there in front of me, I saw that he had been healed.

Norman, the miracle puppy.

I knew. I knew that was no coincidence. God was talking right to me. That was a "God thing" as I like to call it and I knew as soon as the man said that, to never lose hope that Caleb could get better.

The third–and most miraculous–blessing that God gave us was laughter. It was Monday, February 13th, and we had celebrated Caleb's birthday all day.

He wasn't having a particularly good day because they had taken him off his pain medicine pump and the pain was hitting him all at once with relief coming only every four hours instead of every ten minutes. He tried to sleep most of the day, but hospitals don't do much for you in the way of sleeping. You get poked and prodded and beeped at every time you drift off. It was hard for him all day.

The time had finally come for me to go home and go to class again and participate in life outside of Caleb's hospital room. I did not want to go. His cousin, Taghan, was going to let me ride home with her. I knew we needed to be going soon because rain was on the way and we had a two hour drive ahead of us. I was holding Caleb's hand and telling him how much I loved him and absolutely bawling my eyes out because I was an emotional wreck and our life had been turned upside down. We were so sure of everything and then we got thrown into an ocean of uncertainty.

Holding Caleb's hand on his birthday.

I couldn't let go of his hand and he didn't want me to. I had been right beside him for the last week doing everything I could to comfort him and reassure him and let him know how very loved he is. Finally, Caleb got a moment of peace to get a little bit of rest. I was still holding his hand and crying him a river.

I couldn't bear to leave him while he was so upset. That night would be his first night alone since the accident. How could I leave him on his birthday, forever changed, hurting, alone?

I decided to give it to God.

I closed my eyes and I prayed hard for Him to give Caleb peace. To lift his spirits so that he wouldn't be so upset. I pleaded with God that He would be beside Caleb when I could not. Two seconds. That was the amount of time it took for God to answer my prayer.

I opened my eyes, hoping that Caleb would be asleep still. Two. Seconds. Later. Caleb woke from his sleep laughing. God gave us the gift of laughter. Caleb had had some ridiculous dream that he found absolutely hilarious and explained it to us, laughing all the while. His spirits were good, where ten minutes before it was breaking my heart to see him hurting so much.

And again, I knew.

God is good.

Most of all, out of everything, the biggest blessing has been Caleb's strength, perseverance, and attitude. His whole life changed in an instant, but throughout all of it, from day one, he has been focused on getting better, doing more, conquering the next obstacle. There is never a day that he isn't learning something new. Yes, there are times when he is down. But he never lets himself stay down. He always gets back up with more determination than before. That takes strength that nobody could understand unless they were in his place. It truly amazes me to see how far he has come. And I am thankful.

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