Written by Kat

There were a lot of things after Caleb's accident that piled up quickly. Not only were we dealing with our entire lives changing but there was so much heartbreak in such a short amount of time for the two of us. We didn't feel able to care for our sweet dog anymore, there were losses in our community, there were losses close to us. Losses close to me. None of it seemed fair.

This post is one closer to me, most of the losses were mine. But Caleb was strong and he supported me through all of it. Despite the adjustments and new things to learn, he was there with his shoulder for me to cry on every time.

Caleb is so good to me. He is so strong. He is amazing, and I am lucky to have him.

On August 5th, 2015, we went to the humane society and picked out a beautiful little puppy. He was only eight weeks old and a fuzzy little thing who had three brothers, but he stood out to me. We technically weren't even looking to get a dog. We just wanted to see the cuteness. But I walked in that kennel and let the four of them out to play and we just clicked. He was the first one to come and play with me and I just knew right then I wanted that puppy. That was my best friend from the first second he stumbled over to me. For the rest of the day I begged and begged and begged Caleb for us to go back and get him. I just knew that if we didn't get him right then, someone else would fall in love with him too and he would be gone. So, we went back, and we got our baby.

He was our best friend, we took him everywhere, we cuddled him, we spoiled him. He was our football buddy. We were constantly going to the football field and throwing the ball and trying to outrun Lazer to catch it. (He was always faster). Our tiny little puppy turned into a strong and athletic dog.

He was so goofy. When he was little he had a little snaggletoothed smile and his teeth were always showing. We loved him so much. For a year and a half we spent every day with our little man.

Right before the accident Caleb was working constantly and I was in college. Lazer already wasn't getting the attention he deserved. Then Caleb was paralyzed and we made the incredibly difficult decision to give our precious baby to one of Caleb's family members. Caleb didn't feel like he could give Lazer everything he deserved anymore. We never wanted to just get rid of our baby like he meant nothing to us. He meant the world to us. He still does. We made the best decision we could for our Lazy Boy, but it still broke our hearts. Although it was not what we wanted, by doing what was best for Laze, we treated him exactly like family, and we will stick by our decision every day. The hardest part of all of it is that we didn't even get to say goodbye to him. We didn't get to see him one last time. He was just gone the next time I walked into Caleb's room. His kennel, his bed, his collar. Even the tag from his cage at the Humane Society. We had it hanging on Caleb's wall. It was all gone. Giving up our best friend was awful, even if it was to Caleb's family. It took weeks for me to stop crying at the very thought of our baby, because he was missing from our life. We get to see him sometimes and he still loves us to death, and gives us hugs and sticks his nose right up in our faces like he used to, but we will always miss our little buddy.

Jakob Plummer, Vinita Trevino, and Yancie McQuistion were headed home with another friend after a rodeo, ran a stop sign, and three of the four were lost. I was never friends with Vinita or Jakob but they were from a neighboring town, and we are a very small and tight-knit community; the loss was felt by all.

Harrison Brown was stabbed at University of Texas by a complete stranger and he didn't survive. I knew Harrison. My brother dated his cousin, Alexandra. We had Thanksgiving dinner together when we were, like, thirteen. Our families played the quintessential Thanksgiving football game. We never kept in touch after that but he was such a good person. He in no way deserved what happened to him.

In high school I was a library aide for the elementary library. On my first day there, a little boy named Rhylin came in and shyly asked me if I could help him tie his shoe. I was elated to have a chance to help. I love little kids and I have always known that in some way, I want to work with kids in my career. So, I helped him tie his shoe, and from then on we were buds. Every day he came into the library to pick out a new book and he would come say hi, and talk to me. I always looked forward to seeing him.

In April, Rhylin was killed in a house fire in Spearfish, Alaska along with four other children.

Caleb has been my source of strength through everything in the last seven months. He is my inspiration, the light in every day. He has made it so that I can get up every morning and have faith it will be good.

Things haven't always been pretty since the accident. There have been very hard and stressful days. All of the events of the last several months have certainly taken their toll on our relationship. But every day, we choose each other. We choose not to let the sadness overcome us. We stay strong and we support each other. I cannot say how thankful I am for that.

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  1. Lise says:

    It’s always so heartbreaking to read about someone going through so much.. You are both strong and I don’t think there is anything you can’t get through at this point. I hope life gets better for you and more fortunate in the future. x

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thank you for the sweet words! It has definitely been a lot to handle this year. We are taking it one day at a time. 🌼


  2. I am terribly sorry to read your sad story, I wish you all the best 🙂


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