Written by Kat

Most people do not consider their legs an important part of sitting up or balancing in a seat. (Spoiler alert: they are.) After the initial days of recovery from surgery, Caleb had to start learning to sit up in a whole new way, without his legs to provide assistance. Just twodays after surgery, Caleb was sitting up on his own. Only a few days later, he got into a wheelchair for the first time. He was learning all about transfer boards and how to manage on his own and be independent. It took him nine days after his surgery to get moved to the rehabilitation floor of Parkland Hospital. Doctors were astounded by the speed at which he was adjusting and recovering. Most people take a couple of months to start the rehabilitation process. For three weeks Caleb worked for four hours every day to conquer every task set before him in rehab. I wasn’t able to be with him every day, but I drove down on the weekends, and he almost always had his mom or Dad or someone there to keep him company.

On March 8, exactly one month and one day after the accident, Caleb got to come home! There were, of course, new obstacles every day, but with each day it has become easier. Up until a few weeks ago, he struggled with a step outside of his house, but now he hops over it with ease. We love to go on dates, watch tv with our dog, go to the park, and make new memories every day.

We recently had our pictures take by Carole Ford Brown of C. Brown Photography, so allow me to share the magic.

I had one specific request for Carole: to show the world that just because Caleb is in a wheelchair does not mean that he (or we) are defined by it. He gets to choose his own limitations.

I’m extremely grateful to still be able to hold the hand of the greatest person on earth.

No matter what challenges may arise, I know that there is nothing that we will not achieve.

Thank you for following our story, and for your patience for the last few weeks with my lack of posting!

I can’t wait to keep sharing our adventures with you.

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  1. Lisa Loitfelder says:

    Such wonderful pictures! I don’t know why, but your blog is the best thing which could happen to me. Today I wanted to give myself up, too many things happened last month’s and I am always struggling with my mind. But you both give me strength. To see what special bound you have, how thankful you are to have each other and how you fight like lions is so unique and makes me happy! I am from munich, I just read your comments at Facebook and I am so glad that I did. You both can be so proud- life is yours. If you ever want to visit Munich, let me know, I will give you every support you need with good spots, flat or whatever you want. Stay strong, I am sure miracles will happen. ❤️

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    1. You are so sweet! This is exactly why we wanted to share our story with the world and I am so thankful that it has given you hope! Never give up, no matter the circumstances. There is always a way to conquer what you are facing. Caleb can tell you that sometimes it looks like he can’t do something, but all he needs to do is approach it with a different perspective to find the solution. You can always email us if you need encouragement! 💛


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