‘Tis the season of thankfulness. For family, and friends, football and touchdowns, pumpkins and togetherness.

This season I am incredibly thankful to have such wonderful people surrounding me.

To my mom: who always supports me, cheers me on, and sets me on the right path. Who sees my strength yet also my weakness and braces me when I need an extra push. Who lets me take Sunday naps and nags me to do schoolwork at the same time. Who sees my vision for my life and helps me strive to achieve it.

To my dad: who is the solid rock that is a household. Not always perfect but always just the encouragement I need. Rough around the edges, but soft on the inside. Hard on me at times, but only to see me do the right thing. Incredibly hard-working and dedicated to always providing for the family. Tirelessly faithful and loving.

To my brother: who is making me an auntie (thank you). Who fights fires and saves lives. May have grown apart in our older age, but will always be only a call away. Who I can always call if I need advice or comfort. Who will always be the hero I wrote essays about in elementary school.

To my love: who makes me genuinely and undeniably happy. Who strives to put a smile on my face in the silliest of ways. Who makes me thankful to wake up each and every day to a new adventure. Always ready to take on a challenge, always ready to love, always ready to laugh. Who I vent to, who I cry to, who I can’t imagine life without. Who makes me thankful to have a relationship that has withstood all trials thus far and will withstand many, many more.

To my Grammy: who baked the best snickerdoodles, hands down. Who spoiled me rotten and introduced me to Harry Potter. Who watched What Not to Wear and ate Dairy Queen on Friday nights with me. Who always had a hug and a kiss, even when I was ornery. Who loved and loved and loved and continues to love although her memories are gone. Who still sees me through the Alzheimer’s and knows I am someone important to her, close to her heart.

To my Nana: for being the spiritual rock of the family. For having that house that every family gathering took place in. For always having an open door and an open heart. Who made everyone feel welcome and loved, even if she had just met them. Who is losing her memories, but still has more to give.

To Caleb’s family: who provide strength and assurance and we know will always support us. Who have welcomed me with open arms and made me feel as part of them. Who are so loving and who I can’t thank enough for the generosity through all of these hard times.

To our readers: thank you. Thank you for silently cheering us on and reading our stories. We will have a life full of adventures to share with you and we hope you stick around to hear about them.

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  1. Emeli says:

    What a lovely post! You sound like you have an amazing family and that’s what is so important in life!❤️
    I hope you have an amazing autumn!🍂🎃

    Liked by 1 person

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