Life is Beautiful

I like to remind myself every morning that each day is a gift. Each day that I don’t get a life-changing and devastating phone call is miraculous. Every day I get to spend time with Caleb and our fur baby is a blessing. Sometimes it can be hard to remember this when I’m feeling the stress of school and work, but I always remain thankful for this life.

Caleb and I may not look like every other couple, but to me, that makes us that much more special. To still have the chance to have this great love and exciting adventures is more than I could ever ask for. Things could have gone so much differently. I’m thankful that I don’t have to find the courage to wake up every morning in a world where Caleb does not exist. Quite frankly, that is not a world I’m interested in experiencing. How could I go back to any other life where this love didn’t exist?

On the days that we go to a movie, I am thankful.

On the days that we take Kyber on walkies, I am thankful.

On the days we just watch TV, I am still thankful.

On the days we get along perfectly, I am thankful.

And on the days that we have an argument, I am thankful.

To simply be able to hold his hand is all I could hope for in this world where tragedy is an every day occurrence.

We are thankful to you, our readers, for praying and hoping that we succeed in our endeavors. We are so glad to share our story with you.

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