Thankful Heart

One thing that has always stuck with me is that this picture is the last I have of our previous life. I think about how on that day, we had no idea that everything was about to change.

In the month that Caleb was in rehab at the hospital, he had to learn how to do everything in a new way. How to get dressed, sit up, and function from day to day independently.

The biggest obstacle he faced was learning how to transfer from his wheelchair to various places such as a bed or a couch. Caleb worked hard every day to learn to be independent. He learned how to use a transfer board to help with going from chair to bed, into the car, or anywhere else.

Caleb’s mom took this picture after we ate lunch in the hospital’s cafeteria.


I drove down each weekend either by myself or with Caleb’s mom to spend time with him. Having him two hours away and hurting was so difficult.

One day, we broke the rules and strolled two blocks from the hospital to eat at Jimmy John’s. This was our first time going somewhere together. We both knew that there would be a lot of adjusting we needed to do to get into a routine when going places again. Now, we go see movies and go out to eat all the time. I think we’ve been on approximately five thousand dates now.

Now, almost nine months since the accident, Caleb doesn’t need to use the transfer board, he can sit in chairs and booths when we go to restaurants and in the seats in the movie theater, he is completely independent and can even go from his chair to the ground and back up again with no assistance. He has progressed leaps and bounds from where he was when he was first injured.

On this day, we went to my family reunion where I got to meet some family members for the first time.

Caleb’s cousin brought Lazer to see us!



We went to see Caleb’s friend Logan marry the love of his life.


We would not be where we are now without the help of Caleb’s incredibly hard working and dedicated occupational and physical therapists. They showed Caleb how to be independent and live his life again. To you, Laura, Amber, and Jackie- thank you. We owe everything to. You ladies are our heroes.

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