When a Heart Breaks

As I was getting ready to teach a Sunday school class this morning, the song When a Heart Breaks by Ben Rector played on my Pandora.

I felt my eyes start to tear up, but I didn’t understand.

I wasn’t listening to every word because I was preoccupied painting my eyelashes jet black.

But a part of my heart heard every word. I may not have been paying attention but my sadness was hanging on every note.

I woke up this morning

I heard the news

I know the pain of a heartbreak

February 7th, 2017.

Pulled over, side of the road, shaking with sobs.

This can’t be real.

I heard the doctor

But what did he say

I knew I was fine about this time yesterday

The surreal feeling.

This is the wrong reality.

Can I go back?

I don’t have answers

And neither do you

I know the pain of a heartbreak

My sorrow, a song.

That day, a song.

All of those feelings rushing to the forefront of my mind.

This isn’t easy

This isn’t clear

And you don’t need Jesus ’til you’re here

Endless prayers for this to be a dream.

Endless prayers for healing.

Endless asking for a sign that He is watching over.

Then confusion and the doubts you had

Up and walk away

They walk away

When a heart breaks

The thankfulness.

To have Caleb.

To have our future still.

No matter how it has changed.

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