A Day in the Life

A day in mine and Caleb’s life can be drastically different from day to day. Some days, we don’t feel like doing anything and we stay home; other days we feel like doing all the things.

During the week, our days start around 530 after I get off work. On the weekends, I have every intention of getting there early but it’s usually not before noon that I actually get there.

When I walk in, Kyber is always waiting to greet me at the baby gate dividing the living room and hallway. Once I free him from his incarceration, he bounds in front of me to get to Caleb’s room. A time or two, he has been so excited that he has smashed headlong into the door. When he successfully makes it inside, his little wiggling butt jumps straight into Caleb’s chest and he licks him right in the face.

After we spend some time with Kyber, we get down to business deciding what to do for the day.

Disclaimer: we go out to eat. A lot. But it’s fun because we’ve been on approximately a million dates if you count every time we go.

On this day, we decided to take Kyber for a walk in Lucy Park and then go to Frank & Joe’s Coffehouse because they have a dog friendly patio. Sometimes, taking Kyber places can be difficult with managing Caleb’s chair at the same time.

So, we all load up. I get Kyber into his harness and put him in the car (with a seatbelt of course). Caleb hops from his chair into the passenger seat.

Then comes the routine of putting Caleb’s chair in the backseat. We have all the steps down-pat at this point.

  1. I remove first the left, and then the right wheel
  2. Caleb puts the wheels behind my seat
  3. I take off his seat cushion (called a Roho cushion) and hand it to him, he puts it in front of his legs
  4. I fold down the back of the chair
  5. I fold up the wheelie bars
  6. Finally, I lift the chair and set it in my backseat, in the position that a person would sit

When we arrive at Lucy Park, I get Kyber out and attempt to hold his leash while putting Caleb’s chair together.

  1. I get the chair from the backseat
  2. Fold down the wheelie bars and raise up the back of the chair
  3. Caleb hands me each wheel to put on
  4. He then hands me the Roho cushion to put on
  5. Then Caleb can hop over into his chair
  6. Kyber is difficult through this whole process

Taking apart and putting together Caleb’s chair is quicker than it sounds. Each process takes less than a minute most days.

It’s a bit chilly to be st{roll}ing through Lucy Park with Kyber, but we make the most of it. As we go along, Kyber stops and sniffs and pees approximately thirty-five times.

After about 20 minutes, we’re both too chilly to keep going, so we load up to head to Frank & Joe’s.

See above steps for getting in and out of the car.

Having coffee at Frank & Joe’s was a blast. I got a mango chiller and a fruit tart and Caleb got a caramel frappe and a cinnamon bun.

After successfully keeping Kyber from stealing our drinks, we loaded up to go home. Again, please see the above steps for getting in and out of the car.

While sometimes the prospect of going out and doing all the work to get in and out of the car can be discouraging, we try to go places whenever we can. We like to workout, we love to go see movies, and try to take our pup on at least a couple st{roll}s a week.

A day in our life may not look like it used to before Caleb’s injury, but our life together is just as, if not more, special and unique. Caleb may not be able to walk, but we can still “walk” through this life together.

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