On Resolutions

I recently saw a quote that said:

If you are angry, you’re living in the past

If you are worried, you’re living in the future

But if you are content, you are living in the present. This is when life makes sense.

This resonates with me, because I am always worried and always angry and always stressed (and a lot of other things). This new life is full of uncertainty and complication and unfairness, how could I not be?

With the hurt and the unfairness of all that happened last year, coupled with the worry for the future about kids and marriage and money and oh my gosh so many things, how could I not be overwhelmed in these emotions? Some days I marinate in my anger at the past. Other days I ruminate on the questions of how I will ever get so many things done. There are very few days, though, that I am fully present and am not marinating or ruminating or hesitating or just plain hating the fact that this has to be our life.

So, with the start of this new year, with new chances, and new opportunities, I have made only one resolution: to be fully present. How will I accomplish this small task (which seems so monumental)? By writing down at least one positive thing that happens to me every day. The goal of this is that I will be searching out the happy moments and trying to remember them, focusing on and participating in the daily events of my life rather than being tossed in and out with the tide each day.

To hold myself accountable to this resolution, I will share my moments with you. Each day I will write a short post, maybe one or two sentences to a paragraph, about the positive moment I appreciate in each day.

To start it off, for January 1st I want to share two moments: I looked in my rear view mirror as I was driving yesterday, right at sunset, and the sky was a beautiful lavender to blue gradient. Similarly, a little later, I saw the super-moon that kicked off the first night of the new year. Both moments were small, and I shared them with only myself, but it is these small moments of beauty that I like to remember.

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  1. Sabrina says:

    A lovely resolution. 🙂


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