Family Fun

Mine and Caleb’s favorite thing to do is take our fur baby Kyber out for strolls (stroll is our linguistic compromise between walking and rolling).

Last weekend we took him to Lucy Park with us for some much needed exercise to start working off that winter fluff.

Kyber kept desperately pulling ahead of me so that he wouldn’t be left in Caleb’s dust. This resulted in both of us being hot and tired, but elated every time we caught up to him. I would struggle with his pulling for a few steps until I graciously relented and we sprinted to catch up to our favorite person.

Caleb is always my best photographer. I’m eternally thankful to him for capturing my favorite moments with my favorite dog.

We ended up strolling about three miles: all the way from one end of the park to the duck pond, and then from the duck pond to the waterfalls. (Side note: we did go home for Caleb’s handy little motorized wheel, to change into cooler clothes, and to let Kyber take a break, then came back and finished up our stroll.)

Bonus picture:

My favorite ever picture of my two handsome guys.

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