Easter 2018

Easter is one of my favorite holidays. I love waking up to the excitement of digging through the easter basket my mother so lovingly constructed the night before. It is, of course, different now that I’m older; my dad and I share a basket nowadays. Different is not necessarily bad, I can now return the gestures my mom has done for so long; I can give her presents and pick her wildflower bouquets.

I’ve begun looking forward to the holiday traditions Caleb and I will create for our own family. I imagine early mornings steeped in coffee and sleep-deprived eyes watching our lovely children rip apart easter baskets and pounce on every egg that we have hidden so easily.

I can’t imagine family traditions with anyone else.

For now, I am content with making traditions with our dog child Kyber.

Here’s a look into our Easter weekend this year:

Bonus: our Easter 2017 pictures


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