Long Time No See


Long time no see.

Thank you all who follow our story for being patient. I’ve not written in months, and I’m so sorry I haven’t updated on how we are doing.

We are amazing. Life is good. We’re figuring things out, and we are more in love than ever.

Regardless of how amazing things are for the two of us, I am struggling with depression. Which I feel that I am finally ready to open up to you about. I’ve been trying for weeks to figure out how to tell my story because I feel that by sharing my struggle, I can help someone else in the same position. There will be more to come on this, because I have to make sure that I tell my story in the right way, to explain why I’ve been unable to blog in such a long time, and to help others understand how depression can affect everyone in different ways.

Thank you for your patience, you are much appreciated. I just wanted to stop by to say hi, and tell you that the whole story will be coming soon. 🌼


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